We have two options available for scar removal:


Scars can be removed or lightened to near invisibility. Reducing the redness and thickness of a scar. The laser acts on the blood vessels and reduces the redness and reduces the growth of the scar tissue. 


Used on stubborn scars with minimal down time, skin needling is an intense treatment for scar removal with outstanding results. The skin is loaded with collagen and elastin which give the skin its elasticity and ability to return to its original position. As we age the supply of collagen and elastin’s available in our skin begins to diminish, and their replenishment begins to take longer. Skin rejuvenation restore the skin where scars were formed.

We can also treat Skin Burns & Deep Wrinkles through skin needling.


Photo Gallery
Before and after - Scar removal

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images 1-4622.jpg

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