Using only high quality pigments (Premier Pigments) we strive to enhance natural beauty. Permanent makeup is the art of implanting pigments into the skin, these pigments are specially formulated for use in facial skin. We do not use any pigments with Iron-oxide which causes colour change after a period of time. Our pigments stay true to their colour.

As we anesthetise the skin with our 2 phase program your experience will be virtually painless.

Permanent Makeup can last between 3 to 10 years depending from person to person.


We believe in a proper follow-through with clients when it comes to permanent make up as it is a long term decision. We assist our clients through the whole process:

First Consultation – What to expect, choosing colour, etc.

Permanent Make up procedure – Skin will be anesthetised throughout the procedure

After care – follow up consultation, refinement if needed, after care kit.

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Permanent Make up

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