Derma rolling for treatment of deep wrinkles & acne scars. 

Induces Collagen & Elastin production, reduces pore size and gives skin a younger appearance. 

Dermarolling remolds the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin, causing new skin to form by activating the body’s natural healing process which causes the release of growth factors that promote the re-activation of collagen and elastin in the skin. Dermarolling is also a long lasting treatment as the skin rejuvenation continues months after having the treatment all depending on frequency of treatments and current skin condition.

Treatments are also done with 2 different needle length rollers. One being only for use by a trained aesthetician and one for home use.

Home use rollers can be used every second day to effectively administer facial products to the skin for better results.

In Studio treatments can be done once a month and is a more intense treatment.

For: Acne Scaring, anti-aging, stretch marks, portwine stain removal, tightning loose skin, improving collagen production.

Photo Gallery
Derma Rolling: Before & After

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